Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lone Star Diamonds

Here's my progress. After some successful stripping I took courage and wielded my rotary cutter to produce strips of 3 diamonds! The photo doesn't do the colours justice as I had to take it in artificial light and the turquoise and green are washed out. I'll have to take another photo in the morning.

I've also started sewing some diamond units together:

These are the two I've sewn so far. The instructions in 'Jelly Roll Quilts' are very helpful in indicating which way to press the seams so in theory the points should go together easily. I have to admit to doing a bit of reverse sewing because I wasn't happy with my point matching. So from now on I'll be using even more pins!


  1. Absolutely stunning Hazel. I keep reading about the importance of pins, I will have to change the habits of a lifetime and pin I think when I get to this stage.

    1. Sue, the pinning really does make a difference (if only to the amount of frogging which you really don't want to be doing)

  2. Look at you! You've really made flying progress today as well. Four stars, you know they are going to look just marvelous together.

  3. Making those first cuts is hard, looking good though.

  4. Thanks for your encouraging comments everyone! A special 'thank you' to QuiltSue for starting it off - I wouldn't have even started this without you QAL challenge!!!

  5. I am anxious to get to this point, but so scared too!