Monday, 20 February 2012

Follow Along Beginner Quilt

My beginner class is starting a new 6 week project this evening. It's a quick and easy quilt with some simple piecing plus fused and stitched appliqué.  Would you like to follow along and see what we're doing?

We'll begin by choosing 5 fat quarters and a 1.25m (or yards) of a  background fabric. Then we'll be cutting two 3" strips from each of 5 fat quarters and four 3" strips from the background fabric across the width of the fabric. Next sew the strips together in rows of three  like this:

Can you see I've sewn one white strip between two patterned strips on the left and right then one patterned strip between two white in the middle. Once these are pressed with the seams towards the patterned fabric, we cut them into 3" sections across the width of the striped units like this:

Now we can sew the rows together, remembering to pin where the seams meet. Ta da! Nine patch blocks:

A bit of time spent chain piecing these simple blocks makes me smile - it's just so relaxing! The fabrics in each of the four corners of the block are by 'Art Gallery' and I wish you could touch them as they are so silky, smooth and soft. I just bought a pack of fat quarters to try and I'll definitely be buying more. They come in fabulous modern design and are a beautiful quality.

That's all for this week. Stop by next week for a progress report and the next stage of the quilt.

Happy stitching!


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