Monday, 28 February 2011

More Little Things

Last week I made a bookmark to go on the front of my friend's birthday card and I so enjoyed making it I made a couple more with my hand dyed fabric. Then a couple more with leftover batik froma jelly roll:
These are fun and easy! I used some 'Fast to Fuse' which is a thick interfacing fusible on both sides. I fused fabric for a backing to one side and 'Thermore' thin poly wadding on the other. I then stitched the strips of fabric on the wadding side. I quilted with some sparkly Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle thread. Lastly I finished with a satin stitch edging.

I took some photos to show you how I did the edging. First stitch very close to the edge with the walking foot:
If you can't manage to stitch this close to the edge you could trim it down to one sixteenth beyod the stitching. Next I zig-zag over a Perle Cotton number 3 or another thick embroidery thread. I had a cord from a pack of Stef Francis hand dyed threads. I use a pintuck foot which has a groove to hold the cord in place on the stitched lines.
I used a narrow zig zag 2.4 wide and 0.8 long on my Bernina Aurora. You can see I'm sewing right on the edge again!

When I have gone all the way round sewing the cord I go round a second time with a slightly wider and shorter zig zag - 2.7 wide and 0.6 long.
 The cord gives a lovely neat and firm edging, ideal for my postcards and other small items.

Here's another idea in progress - a luggage tag.
Strips 1 and a quarter inches wide are stitched right sides together through all layers then finger pressed open.
Here is the piece finished approximately 3" by 4":
 Next trim to shape and stitch very close to the edge with the walking foot:
Next I found an old file folder and cut a rectangular piece of the transparent plastic cover to serve as a label holder on the back.
Here it is stitched along the edges on the reverse side with my friend Ann-Marie's business card in the pocket. Now all that remained was to finish the edge as in the bookmarks. I could stitch through the supple plastic just fine. As a finishing touch I added an eyelet to thread through a cord. Tah Dah!

I need to make a whole clutch of these for Christmas stocking fillers I think!They should be useful when trying to spot the suitcase on the luggage carousel.

I've also managed to complete another little postcard:
The rest of this week I must get all my things ready for my 'Dyeing Again' workshop for my quilt group on Saturday. It's the third time I've done this and some ladies just keep coming back for more! It promises to be great fun so I must remember to take my camera!


  1. Very timely post for me. I was working this stuff out myself, but the luggage tag info is just what I needed. All of these little things are lovely. Thanks for sharing - my post anaesthetic brain needs all the help it can get right now, lol.

  2. What a great idea. I love the luggage tag!

  3. Hey, you've been reading my mind. Guess what I was thinking of doing with the results from the Dyeing workshop? Yepp, bookmarks.

  4. I have found it so difficult to sew an edging for my postcards etc that looks neat and professional so thanks for showing how you do that lovely neat edging. Small things it is for me now, but with beautifully neat edges!

  5. Brilliant idea for the luggage tag! These are so fun!

  6. I might have to make some tags and book marks. thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Hazel, this is excellent. Inspirational. Love it. I've been wanting to play with Pearl Cotton and these projects gave me many great ideas. My husband definitely wants some luggage tags too. Can't wait to put your insights to practice. Thank you!


  8. Saw your post on Sew Many Ways...Love your bookmark and luggage tags...great use for scraps!!!