Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dyeing Again!

 Look at all these juicy colours! I had fun today with my friends from Tuesday Quilters as I shared how to dye these gorgeous fabrics. We used 3 colours of procion dye - lemon yellow, magenta and turquoise, to create a rainbow of 12 colours and then everyone experimented with colour mixing to create even more. Like these:
 Lyn loves experimenting and tried dropping contrasting dyes into her cups:
I can't wait to see how these turn out!

Everyone was very busy and trying to persuade them to stop for lunch was very difficult!

 Some of you may recognise the lady on the left - she is QuiltSue, the infamous blogger from Quilt Times! She does like to pose for the camera:
 See what I mean?!! Now Sue likes everything arranged in neat and orderly fashion so she found certain aspects of the day very difficult. When I suggested scrunching or pleating fabric and spooning on random colours she was horrified.  'But I don't do random' she wailed! But she did succeed. Here she is trying very hard at random:

Janet definitely did random! I love the pink and golden yellow combination here:

Mandy  had a go at creating tree like patterns with pleated fabric with great success. Some of her fabric looked just like tulips:

 In the afternoon we tried something different - dyeing silk scarves in the microwave. First soak your scarf in diluted vinegar, gently wring, then scrunch and add steam fixed silk paint. Here's Janet adding paint:

Pop into a covered pot in the microwave for 3 minutes, rinse and iron dry:

 Tah Dah! If you'd like to have a go visit 'Silkcraft' for the paints and pongee scarves we used.

 We had some beautiful colour combinations:
 Ooh who's that posing on the right? You've guessed - it's QuiltSue again! She asked me to have my photo taken - 'I don't do photos' I wailed. But I did have a photo - here I am on the right. :
What a great day!


  1. OOOh those colors are all so beautiful. It looks like you were all successful.

  2. It really was a great day and if any of you ever have the chance to take this workshop with QuiltHaze I suggest you jump at it.

  3. Hi I am from India and interested in Arts N Crafts. I found your blog very colourful and cheerful..OMG I love the colours.its a virtual rainbow..:) Beautiful!.I am not much into quilting as I live in a region in India where Sun shines hot most of the year. But I think I can learn a lot from your posts.

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