Sunday, 20 February 2011

February Journal Quilt Finished

Well here it is at last! I've been suffering with a flu like bug this week so was a bit slow getting on with the binding. It took me a while to decide but in the end I used a Ricky Time multicolour hand dye as I think it complements the quilt colours. I've added sequins to the wax crayon band and was tempted to add more beads but I think I'll leave it at that.

This was the original inspiration for my design:
The earthenware plaque was designed by Charlotte Rhead in 1935. You can read more about the designer and see some of her work on the Stoke Museums website.
There are lots of pictures of ceramics designed by other famous names on the site including the most well known - Clarice Cliff.

Earlier this week I spent several hours playing with EQ7 designs. I wanted to make some greetings cards. I ordered them online and they arrived this weekend. Only trouble was they weren't quite as I expected! I hadn't realised, when I browsed through the cards section on this particular website, that some were folded like birthday cards and some were just a single card like an inviatation or announcement. It just so happens that the square cards are the flat ones - oh dear!

I'm very pleased with the pictures - here are a couple of them:

They are on a nice weight of glossy card and the colours and detail are lovely. So today I went to the hobby store to buy white card to make square folded cards and glue dots to stick my lovely pictures on the front. So the moral of the story is: read shopping websites carefully to make sure you get what you really want!


  1. I've seen your last few posts about the progress of the journal quilt and looks really great. It's surprising how much colour is in the crayons. I hope you're getting over your bout of flu.

  2. Your journal quilt came out beautifully. Absolutely spectacular. Love it.


  3. The quilt is lovely, you should be very proud of it :) Hope you feel better soon x

  4. You did a beautiful job on that quilt! Wonderful! I love it. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. That quilt is just bee-oo-tifulll. I love it.

    Hope you're feeling better now?

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous!
    The card idea is fantastic, even if it didn't work out as planned!

  7. Your quilt is lovely and I'm so envious of your wonderful machine quilting. I can only aspire to be that good. You captured the band on the plate perfectly and the colors really sing.

    I know I'll be stopping by your blog to see more.

    Gail :)