Saturday, 19 February 2011

Swap Quilt Surprise!

Look what the postman brought me - Hooray!! It's my ALQS swap from Margeeth in the Netherlands. Isn't it beautiful? I am so delighted. Margeeth screen printed the design and machine quilted intricate patterns all over. I've never tried screen printing myself so perhaps I should have a go for one of my journal quilts. Thank you Margeeth for making such an inspiring quilt!

Thanks also to Kate North for organising the quilt swap. She's promised another soon so keep an eye on the ALQS blog for news and also to see the other quilts made for this swap.


  1. Say there gal your quilting is phenomenal. Wow I have been quilting a long time and I am still not that good. I love contemporary quilt but have not made any.
    I ma having a blog giveaway and letting everyone know so if you have time go in and check it out and sign up to be a follower.

  2. I love how this was quilted. I like contemporary. She is a real artist. Lucky you!