Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wednesday Web - Colour Palette Generator


I've discovered a really cool web tool which is perfect for picking colours for quilts - a colour palette generator. Just upload a photo like the one above and in a few moments you have a palette like this:

Isn't that brilliant?!! It's free to use at Big Huge Labs  -  BUT before you go read my tip below on resizing photos!

Resizing Photos:
Digital cameras now take photos which are very large files and if you upload these to the internet they take ages. You can resize your photos very easily using a free 'Image Resizer' program from Microsoft which makes uploading photos so much quicker:
  1. First download then install the programme from here (scroll down to find 'Image Resizer')
  2. Now find the folder where you store your photos
  3. Right click on a photo and choose 'resize image'
  4. Choose from small, medium or large -I usually use medium
  5. Image resizer now makes a copy of your photo at this new size
  6. You can resize many photos at once by selecting them all before right clicking and resizing
I use it to resize all the photos for my blog and my photos upload really quickly - have a go, its really easy!


  1. I,m just browsing your blog, I like the colour idea, I have joined you as a follower, would you like to take a look at my blog. I live in the east midlands--cottonreel

  2. The colour palette could really come in handy if you were doing a landscape quilt. Thanks for the tip, Jessica

  3. great stuff thanks! I am going to give it a go now, My Daughter is getting married in March next year and this will be perfect for helping me colour coordinate too.

  4. I like the color selector - I always struggle with color but it's easy to find photos I like.

    I always pick the medium size photo on Flickr for my blog. Does this resize it like the website you mentioned?

  5. Love the idea of the colour palette

    Love and hugs Gina xx