Monday, 7 December 2009

Spot the Difference?

I've started machine stitching my blocks and I'm pretty pleased with them so far. I love the colours and the petals are going together quite neatly although I'll have to try to make the outside ones fit a little more carefully I think.

For the first one I used YLI fine silk thread  on top and a YLI soft touch cotton thread in the bobbin. I used two shades of the silk as i tried to match the petal colours as closely as I could. This wasn't too bad but I thought the stitching showed a little around the edges of the petals so I tried invisible thread on the next one. I used YLI 'Smoke' coloured invisible thread on top and  Soft Touch (white) in the bobbin. I don't think the stitching shows as much with this combination but putting the two side by side at arms length it is difficult to tell them apart! The photo shows the one stitched with invisible thread on the left.

I have used stitch number 3 on my Bernina 440 - this makes 2 straight stitches then one zig zag. I adjusted the width of the stitch right down to 0.5 so it just catches the edge ot the petal as I sew very close to the edge on the background fabric. I have to go quite slowly and concentrate but perhaps I'll get quicker by the time I make the 49th block! I was thinking I might try making a video to show how I do the stitching - would you like to see it demonstrated?


  1. it is coming along quite nicely, the colours are lovely.

  2. It will be so helpful for me to watch your video. I have been thinking how on earth I am going to stitch by machine if I find it hard to hand stitch. I have arthritis on my hands but I'm determine that I wouldn't let that stop me as I just love Joseph's Coat.

  3. I can't see the stitches on either block! They do lookk lovely, and a video would be good - shall I go and get the popcorn in?

  4. I too can't see the stitching on either block! They are wonderful!

    I'd love to see a demo!