Monday, 17 August 2009

Red Square and Two Boxes

After a busy few days with family (and dogs) I had a bit of me time this morning and went fabric shopping. This time I was looking for fabric to make clothes and went to Bradford to 'The Suit Length Centre' which as the name suggests sells fine woollen fabric. It's suberb quality and still in demand the world over the proprietor told me. Anyway I succombed to a couple of rather nice trouser lengths to make up next week during my little retreat to Knuston Hall.

On my return I again sorted through photos and found some more to post. The one above is a quilt I made for my City and Guilds Certificate. The design is pretty simple and the inspiration came from a stunning exhibition of ceramics from St Petersburg which I saw in London. The exhibition was entitled 'Circling the Square'.

The box shown above was another City and Guilds piece inspired from a cruise along the Norwegian Fjords and has a mariner's compass inset in the lid. The book beside it is my presentation about the development of the piece with samples of fabrics and threads on tags in pockets on the pages.

Finally another box with a sunflower appliqued on the top. I've made this design a couple of times and because these are made with Timtex they are very quick and easy.

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  1. ooh yes, I can testify to how quick those boxes are to make.
    Love the black and white quilt too.