Friday, 14 August 2009


Here's another quilt made in 2006 from a pattern by Daisy Chain Designs. It features some adorable doggies with bones and pawprints. I didn't do much quilting on this and looking at it again I wonder if I should add some more now.

Today we'll be dogsitting while Jen the Vet goes to her friend's wedding. She now has two dogs (Pringle and Fudge) as she recently got a new puppy. We have two of our own - well really two more of hers which she decided we should have before she went to uni! Only Meg is a recognisable breed - a farm Border Collie, the rest are 'lurchers' of varying heritage. All have unique and (sometimes) endearing characters of course!

Fudge the new puppy is a Whippet and Bedlington Terrior cross.

Meg and Pringle (Greyhound and Saluki) posing.

We persuaded Kate to join them.


  1. fudge is the cutest thing!! that's a lot of dogs in one house! happy dogsitting!

  2. Gorgeous dogs and a wonderful quilt. Thanks for the photo.

  3. This is just the cutest quilt! Don't you just love dogs??