Thursday, 13 August 2009

Old Photos

I'm afraid I haven't been doing much sewing the past couple of days but I have come across some photos of quilts I made in 2004. The bunny quilt was for my neice who loved pink - just as well!This jungle quilt was for my nephew. I made a matching pillowslip for this so the quilt could be folded inside. They were both thrilled with them. Perhaps it's time I made new ones - another couple to add to my to do list!


  1. Now THAT's PINK!!! They're both wonderful kids quilts -- naturally they were thrilled!

  2. The thing about quilt to do lists- they seem to be never ending- at least for me. Every time I feel like I might not have a new project, I start looking around and find I actually have about 10 or 20 or more quilts that I would like to make- the list is endless... I can always find more things to make and not enough time but that is okay because it means that I am enjoying the creative process.
    Happy quilting,
    Warmest regards,

  3. Quiltmom's right - the list is never-ending.

    Please would you post a piccie of your "puppy-dog and bones" quilt? I love that quilt and think others would like to see it too.