Monday, 10 October 2011

Role Reversal!

For 5 weeks now my main occupation has been as a teacher of patchwork and quilting with a total of 26 students in 4 classes and I've been loving my role! On Saturday I reverted to a student in a workshop taught by my good friend Janet of A Quilter's Journal. She had been to visit my group Tuesday Quilters in the summer and inspired us with a talk on Liberated Quilts and so inspired our members that her workshop immediately sold out! The little bag above was a result of my attempt at using up the crumbs from the workshop. Here is the piece before making up the bag and another view of the finished thing:

I love these little bags which are quick and easy to make from Lise Bergene's book 'A Passion for Patchwork'.

Janet taught us how to make three liberated patchwork blocks during the course of the day and brought many more blocks and quilts to show us. Visit for more photos. Janet has promised to return next year for another workshop and I can't wait as I thoroughly enjoyed the day. What could be better than spending time with good friends, sewing machines humming and creativity flowing?


  1. cute bag! I've just ordered some zips so I can try making some. I love the quilting too :)

  2. Beautiful bag and lovely fabrics.