Sunday, 12 June 2011

Teesdale Quilters Show

What a treat I've had today! We went to visit my Mum as the quilt group which meets in her village hall was having a show. Mum isn't a quilter but she has friends in the group so she introduced me to several of them. The show was stunning. Here is a tour of the show:
Just inside the entrance was this lovely hexagon quilt on a low table so it looked like it was on a bed.
This amazing  quilted swan caught my eye - very cleverly done. And how about this cute dragon with tiny quilting patterns?

 The quilts along the wall were made as a mystery challenge and showed what a difference fabric choices and colour placement make. Can you see the red and white antique strippy on the stand above? There were several antique quilts on display, some with notes on their history:

 This log cabin was one of my favourites. The blocks were many different shapes and sizes and I've never seen a log cabin like it before. My photo really doesn't do it justice as the colours were more beautiful than in this picture.It was for sale and I wished I could have made an offer to justify all the work which had gone into it.
 Next some miniature quilts, mostly hand pieced over papers. Just for scale I rested my hand on the top of this cot!

I love the bright spiders web quilt behind the doll's house. Now for something completely different - pretty bags:

The quilters in the Teesdale group were all wearing quilted sashes so they could be instantly recognised - what a wonderful idea!
 How many little tumblers in this quilt?

 Gorgeous fabrics in the bargello quilt.
 The trade stall was very tempting.
 I wonder if the New York Beauty will be finished next time I visit?
 The strippy stars quilt above is made with recycled fabrics:
 Now for tea and cakes. Even the tea room was jam packed with quilts.

The piano has a very special cover!

Wow! What a talented group of quilters. I can't wait to see the next show. Well done everyone for a magnificent display!


  1. What a bunch of talented quilters!!! WOW! My favourite was the log cabin and the hexagon with the little squares for a border...stunning!!
    Thanks for taking us a long with you!

  2. All those beautiful quilts and cake too? What a great day.

  3. What a lovely day out. Thanks for sharing so many photos!

  4. What an awesome quilts.All stunning, hard to choose one.Thanks for sharing those photos.