Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Working in 3D

I'm doing a Quilt University course at the moment which is based on creating 3D blocks similar to tumbling blocks. The blocks above are ones I started a long time ago when I was recovering from surgery and wanted a simple hand-piecing project. They are stitched using the traditional English paper piecing method. I've done a few more blocks this last week in front of the TV and I'll keep them on hand so perhaps I'll get closer to making up the quilt!

For the course we're learning how to piece blocks in the diamond shape for each side of the cube. I've been using EQ7 to play with these blocks and this week Carol from Pewter and Steel has been helping me figure out how to print cutting instructions for the blocks. Her instructions were very clever and I could print rotary cutting diagrams, templates and paper piecing diagrams too. I decided to do a trial block with paper piecing and here it is:
Woohooo - it worked! Well, by itself it's difficult to visualise but it's a churn dash block! It just so happens to fit with my hand stitched blocks to give a better illusion of 3D:
Can you see it now? It helps if you tilt your head sideways a little! The paper piceing is not ideal because some of the seams are rather bulky but next week's lesson will have more information on piecing so I'll follow the instructions properly then.

On Saturday we went shopping and called in at a newsagents. I found an American magazine which is quite unusual over here. I was attracted by the quilt on the cover - it's so bright and cheerful. Inside I discovered the link to the website and found you can download loads of free patterns and other goodies when you sign up at www.fonsandporter.com

I got another link to a free online magazine in an email this week: Quiltposium. It's mainly about quilting tours and cruises but in between those are loads of free patterns. Some issues also contain an article about designing in EQ, including the current issue which is about hexagon quilts.

Happy Sitching!


  1. I get the Quiltposium mag in my email and found the EQ article very interesting.
    Love how your block turned out!

  2. Love the look of your 3D blocks. I took a couple of classes through Quilt University and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  3. I love tumbling blocks - one of my favourite quilt designs. Would love to make one as it is also eldest son's favourite but can't start anything new at the moment!
    I also love the altered churn dash - can this be used in your 'patchwork panel?'

  4. I am slow to see your post but I love your churn dash block!! Great job!!