Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Birthday Treat: Sun. Sea and Sand

Today is my daughter's 27th Birthday and we had a lovely day out to celebrate. Yesterday I made this slipcase for her laptop as part of her birthday present. I just love this Michael Miller retro flowers fabric. Here's a close up to show my free motion quilting around the flowers:
Our trip was to the seaside. We are lucky to live about an hour and half away from the East Yorkshire coast with lovely beaches and seaside towns. Today we went to Bridlington - a childhood favourite of mine.
Here's the view which greeted us on our arrival. Look at that blue sky! Luckily for us dogs are allowed on the beach between October and April so off we went for a stroll and a paddle in the warm sunshine.
Meg couldn't wait to get onto the beach!
 The Birthday Girl!
The tide was out so we there was a huge stretch of sand to enjoy.  The 4 dogs all had a paddle and romped around and chased each other while we had a relaxing walk:

 Then we realised we'd forgotten to have lunch! We had to walk along to the harbour to buy some fish and chips to share. The tide had come in so the fishing boats were returning:

There was just time for another quick walk on the sand before we set off home. I think I'll sleep well tonight!


  1. Didn't you do well on the weather! I was starting to think MorhercNature had forgotten how to deliver Spring!!!

  2. You had beautiful weather for a day at the seaside. I bet those fish and chips were welcome too.

  3. Lovely pictures of Brid beach. When we were kids we never went to the seaside because my father hated the traffic jams in Malton. Our treat for the year was to go to one of the three resorts on the coast (usually included Flamborough Head) on Boxing Day! Little traffic and no jams then. I can even remember swimming in the freezing cold North Sea one Christmas.
    Usually the chip shos were closed on that day so we had to eat cold turkey sandwiches instead.

  4. What a lovely day on the beach, looks like it was enjoyed by all. Nice to see such lovely blue sky.

  5. Helen, I love your story about going to the coast on Boxing day and swimming in the sea! Brrrr! We used to live near Hull and went en masse with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins and took up the whole beach to play cricket - happy times!

  6. Wonderful results on your laptop slip cover, I'm sure your daughter loved it!