Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Normal Service Will Be Resumed.....!

Sorry I've been silent for so long - the last few weeks has flown by! I have been away, although only for 10 days so that's not much of an excuse! I just seem to have been tied up getting ready to go, catching up after the holiday, helping organise a quilt group event, going to college....blah de blah de blah - more excuses!!!

Anyway back to my travels. Can you guess where I've been? Here are some more clues:

Do you know where it is yet? Want a couple more clues?

Did someone say Dubai?? Well you're close but no not Dubai - it's Bahrain! I'm very lucky that my sister and brother-in law moved to Bahrain 2 years a go and this was my second visit.

Bahrain is a small island Kingdom in the Arabian Gulf. It has a long history of oil production although not in the big league of producers. It is very progressive and is trying to encourage business and tourism. The city of Manama is a very busy place with lots of traffic, new skyscrapers, luxury apartments, hotels and shopping malls. Nearly everyone speaks very good English and all signs are in Arabic and English. My sister lives on the 29th floor of an apartment complex with stunning views as in the last picture above.There's a very relaxed, friendly and safe atmosphere.

Of course it was lovely to spend time with my sister and her husband and my daughter and her fiance came too so we had great fun. Most of the island is desert, criss crossed with oil pipes but nor real sand dunes.We visited Bahrain Fort (photo2 above) the 500 year old 'Tree of Life' in the middle of the desert (photo3) and the oil musem (photo 4).The first oil well in Bahrain struck oil in 1932.

We went out for 'Afternoon Tea' ate wonderful meals in hotels, went swimming in the pool and of course did lots of browsing in the shops. It was around 30-35 degrees outside which I coped with quilte well - I'm not good in the sun and heat usually!

The highlights for me were a boat trip on which we saw lots of dolphins close up and a visit to the Royal Camel Farm. The camels were really cute and we were introduced to a baby which was only 2 weeks old. Here she is with Mum:
Peek a Boo!

Getting back to reality, I did manage to finish the Christmas quilt I showed in my last post and had it on display at my quilt group coffee morning. I will get back to sewing this week so I'll report on progress very soon - I promise I won't leave it so long next time!!


  1. Welcome back. Hope you had a great holiday?

  2. Great photos, looks like an interesting place, I bet you had a super trip. Welcome back to the chill!

  3. Thank you for your virtual tour of such a diverse place!! Enjoyed the pictures!