Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nearly There

Well my stitching session didn't go quite so smoothly - my fault tho. I had outlined the centre area with my walking foot before lunch then switched to free motion to do the foliage and stars. I couldn't understand why it seemed such hard work and thought I was just having a bad day. Suddenly I realised ... I hadn't dropped the feed dogs...Duh!!

Anyway here's a close up of the free motion pattern on the cream background:
It's a variation of Patsy Thompson's 'Loop de loop' with some stars. I do like this pattern as it's quick to cover a large area and much easier then stippling. I have a couple of her DVDs which are exellent. She has some free patterns to download if you fancy having a go. Click here to see them.
I have done some more stitching on the navy background since I took the photo so it's nearly finished. Not bad for a lazy Sunday!


  1. oh I'm so glad to read that you do things like that too - sometimes I think it's only me!

  2. Cute quilt. Its looking good. Your quilting looks good too. I find stars one of the hardest freehand meanders but that extra loop really helps to set you up for the next star I find.

  3. What a great way to use a panel and to work on quilting skills. I like what you have done - it is looking great. Thanks also for the link to Patsy Thompson's free motion patterns. They will be very useful. Good luck!

  4. These are just too stinkin' cute!! Great job! Love seeing them, thanks for sharing!!

  5. Great wall hanging.

    I don't drop my feed dogs when FMQing. I place a teflon sheet over the bed of my machine with a hole cut out for the needle. My feed dogs are covered but still engaged. Since I've been doing this I have had next to no tension problems with my machine and the stitches have looked good front and back.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. This is so pretty now! Really great job on quilting this. I love the loops and stars I used them on a Christmas quilt I made that will be hung up soon.

  7. I think we have all made similar mistakes. Your quilting is beautiful and I love the quilt too!

  8. Love how your quilt came out and the stitching is beautiful.
    I do love checking out her website, lots of nice free patterns, so hopefully I can do more free motion, this year.