Thursday, 19 August 2010

Quilting Gallery Flowers Theme

Did you know that Quilting Gallery has a weekly quilt contest? This week the theme is Flowers so I decided to enter this quilt. I made it at a workshop taught by Claire Tinsley of Hannah's Room. It's fused applique with detail added with Tsukino Ink Pens and free motion stitching. I gave the finished quilt to my sister for her 50th birthday so I think I need to make another for myself!

You can see this week's quilts and vote for your favourite tomorrow. Click here to go to the site.


  1. Woww. My Irises don't stand a chance.

  2. That is gorgeous, love the vivid colors and the quilting.
    Did you use the momento pens? I use their walnut dyes, but I want a good marker for doing art quilting. How do you use them and do they heat set?