Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Tuesday Quilters Blog!

Tuesday Quilters have a new blog! My quilt group has had a website for a while now but the company which hosts it is changing provider so it seemed a good time to move into the blogging world instead. Yours truly has done the initial setting up and last night the committee had a little practice and they are all keen to have a go. We'll be updating it with new as often as we can so please visit us and leave encouraging comments!

P.S, Apologies for the picture above girls - it's a few years out of date but it was all I could find! We definitely need a new group photo.


  1. The blog looks great Hazel, congratulations.

  2. Hello Hazel,

    Thank you for visiting me, and leaving the kind comment on my Jungle Jim and Jane quilts. :) They are very cuddly indeed.

    You quilting group looks like a very talented group!