Saturday, 10 July 2010

Going Round in Circles!

Today my quilt group Tuesday Quilters had a workshop taught by Janet Crossley. We worked on  a 'Circles and Triangles' quilt of easy and quick blocks made by piecing half square triangles in contrasting colours and then fusing circle on top. I chose a dark purple and white fro the triangles and a multicoloured batik for the circles.  Janet brought some samples to show us:

Everyone worked very hard and we  got loads of blocks finished! I love workshops like this because it's fascinating to see which colours everyone has chosen. I always think they have made better choices than me!
Here are just a few:

So now I just need to finish buttonhole stitching my circles and then join the blocks to make the quilt top which shouldn't take long. I could do it tomorrow while my better half is watching the Grand Prix / World Cup Final. On the other hand the Queen Bee Quilters are holding a quilt show in Whitby. Hmmm, difficult choices ......

Ooooooh almost forgot - my EQ7 upgrade arrived today Woo Hoo!!!!


  1. Very fun quilt- I like all the versions- some are very outer space looking and I am especially keen on the last one as I love batik fabrics.
    Enjoy the World Cup or the quilt show in Whitby- You will have fun in either place. Have fun with the EQ7
    Warmest regards,

  2. Love the interesting versions. Looks like a manageable project. I like your choice of fabrics and think it'll look great as a whole quilt.

  3. Love this - and I like your colour choices too. Isn't it interesting how effective something quite simple in design can be? I would like to use this idea with some of my Japanese fabrics, would be yummy. Added to the "to do" list!! Grand Prix/Cup Final.....I'll be doing wavy four-patches, enjoy the Whitby show or whatever you decide to do :)

  4. Looks like you had a good time. Now, which did you choose, Grand Prix or Quilt Show or EQ&?

  5. I love the circle quilts, and I laughed at your comment that other people's fabric choices always seem better than yours. The late great (and very funny) quilt teacher Doreen Speckman said that at workshops it always seems like the quilter on one side of you works faster than you do, and the one on the other side has better fabric.

  6. Lovely blocks Hazel! I am hoping to do circles with my students in September so this would be a lovely block for them to make.
    Did you get to Whitby? I did!