Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tumbling in EQ6

This morning I was awake early and settled down with a cup of tea to play with EQ6. Electric quilt is wonderful for experimenting with layouts and colours. Today  I played with the tumbler block. My first thought was 'What if I square up the tumbler and add sashing. You can see the result above with the tumblers floating on the background. I suppose I could applique the tumblers on as an alternative to piecing. Here's a larger layout and an alternative arrangement of blocks:

Playing with the 'serendipity' tool creates random arrangements and this was one result:
I really like this! I tried a similar one with more colours - nice!:
Next I experimented with staggering the tumbler block;
 Hmm.............. lets try 3 colours:
 I added a vertical sashing on this and it reminds me of zipper teeth!

Interesting but what if I pieced some of the tumblers - splitting them down the centre?
Wow - lightening bolts!

This is only a very samll selection of the possibilities I came up with and when am I going to find the time to make them up???

For those of you who haven't heard yet - Electric Quilt 7 is soon to be released with even more features. I can't wait........................


  1. found you blog via May blog of the Month in British Patchwork and Quilting. I have added you to my rss feed and look forward to your updates

  2. I love playing with geometric blocks, the possibilities are endless.


  3. Woww, someone's been having fun.