Monday, 3 May 2010


After being so busy the last couple of weeks I decided I needed a simple relaxed project to restore my sanity! Here's a picture of my progress so far. I used my 'Accuquilt Go!' and a pack of 8 fat quarters to make a quilt top which measures 44 by 48 inches. It was a very efficient use of the fabric with very little waste.

I saw a video on Youtube last week showing how one Go owner had marked the outline of the shapes on her Go dies with a black permanent marker to help her place her fabric just right. I tried out this simple tip on my Tumbler die and it worked a treat!

First I folded each fat quarter in thirds - the folds were parallel to the shorter side of the FQ so my folded fabric measured 18" by just under 7". I carefully place this on the die close to the edge of the marked edge and ran it through the machine:
Here's the excess fabric around the first shape cut. I snipped this off and flipped the remaining fabric over to line up the cut edge to the marked edge of the shape on the die:
After running this through the Go I repeated the process twice more to end up with....
9 full tumblers and 3 part tumblers for the block row ends and a small pile of scraps - good huh?!
So eight fat quarters yielded 72 full size tumblers and enough part shapes to square up the sides. Now I have a half yard of spotty red and white for the binding and just need a backing. I could use plain white but I think another red and white print would be better.

So should I just take a chance and order something online or do I need to go to the Sewing Centre in Scarborough? Anyone fance a trip to the seaside?


  1. I want one of those.
    I realized after rotary cutting a bunch of triangles, that my hands hurt after pressing down for hours, so a go cutter is in my future. Does it cut easily?


  2. Very cool. Pre-GO! I'd have even tossed that larger piece of your scraps, but now I always look for a die to use it on vs toss. Your scrap would work well on one of the flower dies or the feather dies! Yet I'd never pull out a ruler and rotary to go to the trouble of cutting it. Thus, I view the GO! really helps to save me $$ by using up the tiniest of scaps!


  3. Lovely quilt Hazel - I love red and white anyway! Nothing beats a few hours at the sewing machine, mindlessly piecing! The photos showing your machine in action are really useful too - it helps to show how easy it is, even though we have been able to see it in action at college.
    I will hopefully be in Scarborough as we are going away this weekend as it is my birthday on Friday - do you want me to pick up a couple of yards of red and white fabric for you? Or would you prefer to choose your own?

  4. Hi Hazel, the quilt looks fab so far, but I think you need a visit to the quilt shop for some retail therapy! Enjoy :)