Thursday, 26 November 2009


At last I've got round to finishing a college sample I started ages ago! It was difficult to photograph as it has a layer of bronze coloured sheer fabric on top so the colour is better in real life. We had to use one automatic stitch on our sewing machines and experiment with different stitch lengths and widths using a variety of threads. After I'd embroidered I layered it up with wadding and backing and added some simple quilting.
It  was based on one of my husband's photos:

I hope you can see the resemblance! It's not too bad I suppose but I'm really hankering after making a real quilt!!


  1. That's clever, and yes, I can see the similarity to the inspiration photo.

  2. Lovely! I think it really fits the bill as far as C&G goes. Looking forwards to seeing it in the flesh next weekend!