Friday, 18 September 2009

Tail Feathers - Taking Flight!

Ta Da! One Tail feathers block. It's taken time and some reverse stitching but I got there! I've even made a good start on the next one too. I used to do quite a lot of cross stitch before I got into quilting but I hadn't really tried other stitches until this. Back stitch isn't too bad (not always as neat as I would like) and buttonhole stitch but I find the satin stitch a bit tricky. I am finding it relaxing tho - just right after an exhausting day at work, sitting in front of the tele. I'm afraid I'm not doing so much quilting at the moment as going back to work after the lovely summer break has been hectic.

This week was also Mr Photographer's birthday and the offspring came over in the evening so we went to our favourite curry house - delicious!  He had some of photo related pressies plus some newly remastered Beatles CDs and a Wallace and Gromit airfix kit! I'd ordered some greetings cards with his photos on the front which I am impressed with. They come from Moo (I love the name) and you can have a different picture on every card in a pack. Perhaps I could have some with my quilts on the front.


  1. I love your block, the little bird is just so sweet!
    Happy Birthday Mr Photographer!

  2. Love the little robin one very much, our robin has just come back after the summer away so now i know winter is very much here,
    Great blog thankyou,
    Take care

  3. Tail Feathers will be wonderful, I love this design...I find your blog through Quiting Gallery swap and love it. Hugs from France