Saturday, 19 September 2009


Yesterday Mr Photographer came home from his afternoon walk with the dogs clutching a plastic bag. 'Open it' he said. Well these particular bags don't usually contain anything pleasant if you get my drift! Anyway, open it I did and there were some lovely shiny blackberries. Today he came back to tell me he had found a hedge laden with fruit so I dropped him off as I drove to the shop then came back to help with the picking. We came home with 2 1/2 pounds of juicy berries for half an hour's work. Not bad going. Tomorrow we will be making jam!

I did sew today but just need a little more time to finish my friendship swap bag so tomorrow I should have a photo  of the finished item. Drop by again soon!

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  1. oooh, yummy. I love the colour of blackberries, I love the smell of them, I love ........ hmm, thinking about it, I just love blackberries.