Sunday, 6 September 2009

Harrogate Quilt Show

Here's a little something I made at a one hour workshop at the Great Northern Quilt Show - it's a needlecase made with hand painted silk and dyed flowers and lace. I know it's not a quilt but still I'm pleased with it. The talented embroiderer running the workshop was Josie Storey. She makes gorgeous book covers, little bags etc and she's local. She runs classes in Wetherby and York which I'd love to join now I have rediscovered hand stitching but don't think I have the time - sigh!

Anyway the quilt show was lovely. The quilts on display were very inspiring. I was pleased to see a larger proprtion of  traditional patchwork quilts in contrast to The Festival of quilts. Really this show seems far more representative of the quilts which the vast majority of quilters are making. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy seeing what the professionals and international quilters produce and I think there is room for both shows. It's just a pity they are so close together in the calendar and that the Northern Show is not better promoted. It doesn't even have a proper website!

There is a problem with me showing you the quilts I'm afraid. There were notices everywhere warning that the quilts were for personal enjoyment only and not for publication. Hmmm does a blog constitute a publication? If someone enters a quilt for display in a public show do they really expect quilters not to share photos of those quilts with their friends - for their personal pleasure? Let me know what you think!

Here is one I can show you as, while I was admiring it, a voice beside me said 'That's mine!' I was delighted to chat with Sue about her quilt and she gave me permission to put photos on my blog.

Inch by Inch by Sue Horder
This wonderful quilt is made of one inch squares hand piced over papers. Such patience! The colours were beautiful - much better than the photo suggests. Here's the label and a close-up:


  1. Love your hand-dyes from the last post. I really must learn how to do them.

    Glad you enjoyed Harrogate. I agree, it was lovely to see so many traditional quilts, but I must confess the judging and awards had me completely befuddled at times.

  2. I love the little purple flowers! And what a beautiful quilt! I love the close up so you can see the little squares.

  3. I agree about the judging Sue! Some were well deserved but for others I had to wonder what they were looking for.