Saturday, 12 September 2009

Dyeing Day Satisfaction

My dyeing day was great fun and the 11 ladies seemed very satisfied with the results. Each went home with a stash of dyed fabrics to be washed. Here are mine drying on the line. We all made a 12 step colour wheel (above), a 4 step graduation:

...some tie dyed beauties:
....and random pieces dyed in a tray:

I can't wait to see their fabrics and quilts they make with them!Come on girls - send me photos! (Click on My Profile to email me)


  1. I,m a patchwork /quilter, I would have loved to have been at your workshop . When I need dyed fabric I use a dish and wet fabric . I first put yellow in my dish. I, have a long piece of fab,. hanging on the line . I paint a strpe of yellow, then blue , then green,then I,ll do red then blue again . Being as the fabric is wet the colours run down , I get reasonable results, if I sprinkle sea salt on I get speckles---------------cottonreel

  2. OK Quilthaze, I think you're doing this on purpose to make me jealous. Well, you succeeded! Just wish I could have been there too.

  3. What a fun time wish I was there! I just love all the bright colors and can't wait to see what is made out of it!