Friday, 4 September 2009


It beginning to feel a little autumnal here in Yorkshire. Although it was bright this morning there was a strong wind and it felt colder as we walked around Harrogate. The evenings are drawing in too. I've been spending some time this week hand stitching my 'Tail Feathers' block and I really can't manage now without our daylight lamp. I even turn it on during the day sometimes too!

The ladies at Knuston Hall were discussing the demise of the 100w light bulb and I tried to explain what a difference daylight bulbs make but I don't think they believed me! The light they give off is lovely and clear - perfect for seeing colours as if you are in bright daylight. I started with a folding 'portable'lamp then Mr Photographer decided we should have a larger lamp for reading etc so we bought a 'floor lamp' to sit between the armchair and the sofa. This has a magnifier attached but I've found I really don't need that because the light makes all the difference. Click here to see details of the type of lamp we bought.


  1. I agree with what you say about the light. I've got the folding one for sewing and it's great.

    I love your quilt slideshow too.

  2. Its looking like fall here and has been raining all morning.
    I so agree with the day light bulbs. I have one and you can just see so much better with it than a normal lamp!