Friday, 7 August 2009

Zippy Bags

While I was sorting through my stash I came across this bag almost finished. All I had to do was sew the side seams and it was done.

I've made several of these in various sizes and shapes since I came across the instructions in 'A Passion fo Patchwork' by Lise Bergene. It's a lovely book with dozens of quick and easy projects including many small bags which are perfect for gifts.

Here are a few more I've made and use all the time:

The blue one is perfect for pencils and the little heart one holds pins, needles thread and small scissors ready for hand sewing on the go.

I use the larger flat bag to store all my small quilt rulers. I adapted Lise's pattern to make this one and it's also an ideal size to go inside a ring binder. I'll try to upload a tutorial on making this one over the weekend so come back soon!


  1. Sorry I've been quiet due to family committments, but I'm here again now, and looking forward to going through some of the links you posted a couple of days ago. I'm also looking forward to your tutorial, and I love the quilt.

  2. Hi Sue, welcome back! Hope you had fun with the family.

  3. HI Quilthaze,
    I posted a link on one of my recent blog posts ( I believe that it is the 27 of July). The link is for a large number of free bag patterns all collected together in one link.
    You can find it at
    Your bags turned out great by the way.

  4. Hello again from Belgium.
    Thank you for the book's reference: I like making small projects, especially bags which are always useful and make great presents.