Saturday, 8 August 2009


Today's task was meant to be finishing off some C&G stuff. I went on the internet just to check my emails. Some time later (I lost track) I had followed several links and found a tutorial for little fabric gift bags on Moda Bake Shop. Looking through the instructions gave me a eureka moment as I have never before seen this method of creating the bag base on both the bag and the lining together. They are called 'Charmed Gift Bags' and are designed by Kim whose blog has several more lovely projects.

The red bag was made following Kim's instructions and was very easy and quick to make. I love the pleated edging but decided to adapt the pattern a little for a boy. The blue one was made using the same method except the trim around the top is narrower with the pleat omitted. I stitched this down with a decorative stitch pattern.

So I had fun and will be making many more of these I think. Thanks Kim!


  1. Hi, I'm Kim Walus, the one who designed the bag. I'm so happy that you like it and that it turned out so well. I love the variation you did with the little boy bag. Very cute! I'm so glad you found me and thanks for visiting and putting me on your blog list. I will add you to my google reader. Have a great day! Hugs, Kim

  2. Hello from Belgium. I also made this kind of bag: I was such a pleasure I'm sure I'll make more.

  3. These little bags are so cute, and I have found the Modra site (with the help of my sister).I will also be checking out Kim's site. thank you - I will be checking your site often