Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Free Projects and Tutorials

It never ceases to amaze me how generous quilters are. There are so many willing to share techniques and quilt patterns online I can spend hours admiring their work. Here are a few of my favourites at the moment:

The Quilt Show - I've been a member from the beginning but if you don't want to sign up to watch the online shows you can still get free project patterns and watch free videos. Click here for a link to the Project page but also look at the Daily Blog and the Bernina videos even if you don't own a Bernina!

On 'Don't Look Now' Kellie has tutorials for some of her gorgeous designs including really detailed instructions of how she does applique and the patterns to print.

Nellie shares some projects on her blog 'Nellies Needles' including a fun fabric bird. Nellie is also a prolific art quilter and makes some wonderful embellished lanscape quilts which you can see in her gallery.

I discovered 'Tallgrass Prairie Studio' only yesterday and was enthralled by the stunning quilts. There are 4 detailed tutorials on the site and lots of lovely photos.

Finally for now 'Mel's Place' is a blog packed full of fun stuff including a stuffed owl pattern. Her 'Wonky Op Block' is definately on my to do list - I love it!

PS for a few dollars many sellers on ETSY will send you their quilt patterns as PDF files by email so it's quick and there's no postage to pay. There are some fabulous hand made goods on offer too.

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