Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Tag and Skewed Blocks

I didn't do as much sewing as I intended today but I did make this luggage tag. I got the idea from my quilty friend Jean at our Tuesday Quilters meeting. She was stitching one she had made in her favourite colour (cerise pink) and it looked fab-u-lous!
I didn't have a pattern but it wasn't hard to figure out as it's just 3 quick flying geese blocks layered with wadding and backing, sewn round the edge and turned through.
Jean told me that she and our friend Sue had made 50 of these to take for everyone on their quilting tour of New England last year - what a great idea. They are very clever and generous friends!
Sue commented recently on my Fibonacci quilt and suggested using the sequence to skew quilt blocks. I had a (long!) play today with doing just that in EQ6. Here are a couple of quilts I designed using my skewed blocks.

I really like these. I think they look very Art Deco and really want to make them up so they are now on my to do list!


  1. oops sorry to add to your to-do-list like that, but playing with the Fibonnaci sequence like that is fun isn't it?

    Glad you liked the labels too. I first made them before Jean, another friend and I went to the US several years ago. I only made 6 that year (2 for each of us) and we did find they helped identify your case from all the other black cases on the luggage carousels!

  2. Don't worry about creating more for my to do list - it's just a drop in the ocean! I'm sure I can spend many more happy hours playing with the blocks. Thanks for the hint.

  3. I liked the skewed effect in EQ6. I'll give that a try. You haven't written about EQ6 in a long time. Are you still playing with it?