Thursday, 15 May 2014

Summer's Coming!

Windmills by Martin
Well that's what the weatherman appeared to say!  Yesterday we went out for lunch at a lovely garden centre in Wentworth and Martin spotted the colourful windmills which looked bright and cheerful in the sun. This summer is going to be very special as our daughter is expecting her first baby and our first grandchild in a few weeks time. We're looking forward to welcoming him or her and pushing the pram in the warm summer sunshine. I'm knitting and crocheting and will of course make a few quilted items too! Here's a chevron blanket I've been crocheting:

I take a break from teaching classes from next week and start again in September so have a couple of months to plan new projects and perhaps make a few things just for me for a change! I will be still be working on my shop over the summer with plans to start selling online and maybe move in to my very own studio.

 I've been invited to be a trader at a special Yorkshire quilt exhibition being organised by one of my students to coincide with the Tour de France coming to Harrogate on the 3rd to the 5th of July. Visit the Visit Harrogate website for more details. I'll also be holding another Pop-Up Shop day in Boston Spa on July 26th so will be cutting lots of fabric packs and kits in preparation for those. The Yorkshire Modern Quilters, which I help to organise, is working on a challenge entitled 'Wheels' and we hope lots of our members will have their finished quilts on display both at the Tour exhibition and at the Great Northern Quilt Show at the end of August.

What I'm really looking forward to this summer are family days out and about in this wonderful God's Own County and just relaxing at home - whatever the weather.

Happy Stitching!



  1. sounds like you are in for a lovely summer Hazel, remember to let us know when the baby arrives.

  2. Hello! Congratulations on your first grandchild coming!
    I found your blog via the Yorkshire MQG site, but I couldn't find information about when and where you all meet. I'm a member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and I'm going to be in Bridlington this July. If possible, I would love to visit a guild nearby! Thanks so much for any info you could provide! I would love to meet you and see your works in person!
    Take care,