Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Wedding

Here's the reason I haven't posted in a while - my beautiful daughter's wedding! I was very busy in June making her wedding dress, shopping for an outfit and all the other preparations. It was worth it. The wedding day was wonderful! Even the weather was good and the sun and blue sky appeared right on cue for the photos. I don't really have any others to show you yet as we won't get access to the official photos until next week when the happy couple return from their honeymoon.

Since the wedding on June 30th I've been chilling out watching tennis, reading, and decluttering a couple of cupboards. Sewing the dress has got me back into dressmaking and I've spent a few happy hours browsing my stash of dressmaking fabrics and patterns and I have started a new blouse for myself. 

I am planning on making lots of quilts over the summer and finishing some UFOs. With the appalling weather we're having here I don't think I'll be venturing outside as much as usual this summer so there should be plenty of time for sewing!


  1. Oh Hazel, doesn't she look lovely! I'm so glad the day went well and now you can relax a bit1

  2. A lovely picture - I think your daughter looks like you :)

  3. So glad you had a lovely day yes she does look like you look foreward to seeing your outfit too

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