Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lone Star QAL

QuiltSue of QuiltTimes is hosting a QAL for a Lone Star quilt on the first Saturday of each month. It's intended as a self help group so there are no deadlines to meet, just hints tips and a sharing of ideas and patterns. I do like the idea of making a Lone Star so I started by browsing the patterns available in EQ7. This one caught my eye - probably because it is in 'my' colours! I do like the feathered star but of course that will be harder to sew than a plain star.

Searching the web I came across Jan P. Krentz's website where there is a gallery of some amazing Lone Star quilts. My favourite is this one. Whoa! Even more complicated ...... but I really like it!!

Jan has written several books including one called 'Lone Star Quilts and Beyond' plus she has a DVD on the same subject. I am very tempted to buy these. Does anyone out there own the book or DVD or can tell me more about them? There is a taster of the video on Youtube and also some video tutorials on the HGTV website featuring Jan. I haven't watched these through yet but they look very promising.

QuiltSue has posted some useful links to online patterns so check them out at QuiltTimes. Also visit the other QAL participants to see what they've found.

I think I'll have to spend quite a lot of time on the planning stage before I plunge in and make the quilt. I want to take my time with this (for a change) and make a really good job of it. I'll let you know how I'm getting on next month!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Heyy, I left you a comment earlier, but it seems to have done a disappearing act! I said that I love your version. As for the book, I do know that Bilbo recommends it!

  2. Hi! No pressure - take your time. "Plunging" not necessary, lol! Seeing the ideas and the progress of others will be helpful in the decision making, I would think. Iknow it will help me to stay motivated!

  3. Lovely quilt, this one is going to be a true beauty.

  4. I have that book, there are MANY variations of lone stars in there. I really like it. I have one started, and am going to make another one, and finish them both with this QAL. At least that is my plan.

  5. Ooh good luck with the quilt-along. I do love a lone star but not this year. I hope you find the perfect one.

  6. I have the dvd and I've spoken to Jan herself. I will be joining you next month and my post will be very 'jan' heavy as I discuss her video and some other things. We will be working through her books on my blog eventually but first we are working through Barbara Cline's book. Come check out today's post you'll see what I mean.

  7. We had Jan Krantz speak at our guild 2 years ago, she was great and her work was amazing. She did teach a couple of classes but they filled up very quickly. That's the problem when you have a large guild (400+ members) and a popular guest comes and there are only 20 - 25 spots available in the classes. I look forward to seeing what you finally pick for your Lone Star Project.