Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Harrogate Quilt Show

Last weekend the Great Northern Quilt Show took place in Harrogate. This local show has open competitions for several categories of quilts and small exhibitions of the work of invited quilters. Unfortunately the number of quilts entered has dropped over recent years. I feel guilty that I didn't get around to entering any quilts this year. A friend and I have made a pact to enter next year with several quilts each!

I didn't take many photos but the wall hanging above caught my eye. The silhouettes of the dogs looked very familiar! They are just like our collie/greyhound cross lurcher Katie. She loves roaming on the beach and splashing through water.

I was so entranced that I forgot to make a note of the maker's name - sorry. Whoever you are I think this quilt is beautiful.

I did look quite closely at the miniatures. I once made a miniature quilt using paper piecing in fine silk. Not only was I disappointed with the finished quilt it took me longer to make than a quilt 4 times it's size because ot was so fiddly! I really have to admire the makers of these:

I've posted them in order of the prizes they won. The second prize was won by a friend Sandra Wyman with a lovely two sided forest scene - congratulations Sandra!

I was on the lookout for colourful block and applique quilts to show my students. I liked the colours used in these:

I'm teaching a free motion quilting course at the moment so I was thrilled to see this fantastic machine sewn wholecloth:

Amazing stitching! It makes me feel quite inadequate. I need to spend a lot more time practising!

Finally say 'Hi' to Anthea who is just starting up a business selling fabric in Settle, North Yorkshire. This was her first quilt show and she called it her 'Baptism of Fire!' Catch her next at the Edinburgh show in a few weeks time.


  1. Thank you very much for the plug Hazel you are a star!
    I hope that you enjoyed the show, I am really looking forward to seeing you entries next year

  2. Hi! Greetings from Finland! All the quilts are fantastic! Congratulations! What to say... I am very happy to find your Blog-site!!! Have a nice day!

  3. Again from Finland! Sorry, I forgot to write! Your students must be very happy to have you! Greetings to them all! :)

  4. Isn't it amazing how two people can go to the same show and see different quilts. I love your photos of block and applique quilts which I missed but did buy some Quilting Antics - it's nice to see new traders at a show. The quilt you featured is by Hilary Beattie -