Sunday, 17 July 2011

I've been AWOL for a couple of weeks because we've had a busy time with our family. My sister-in-law came over from Syracuse NY with our two nephews to stay with use for 10 days and we also travelled down to visit my in-laws in Basingstoke. Margaret had brought me a whole package of gifts she's picked up in Jo-Ann's - they are fabulous! First, the two bag patterns above. The 'Cover-all Tote' is a very clever pattern for a bag with removable button-on covers and Jennifer's bag is very apt as my daughter's name is Jennifer!

I also received fabric for bag making:
 and some beautiful buttons:
 A copy of American Quilter magazine which I have never seen in the shops here:
 And this great book on landscape quilts:

I'd also asked Margaret to bring me a couple of rolls of freezer paper from the supermarket and she arrived with three large rolls:

This may seem strange to those of you resident in the US but we can only buy this in quilt shops and online at a much higher price. You may need to sit down for this! The cheapest I can find this sized roll in the UK is £9.50 - about $15. I understand this is about 5 times the price Margaret paid!!!

Thank you Margaret for all the gifts and for coming to visit. We had a fabulous time and we're hoping to get together again at Jennifer's wedding next year.


  1. Wow!! Love all your prezzzies! And OUCH to the freezer paper! There aught to be a law...the Quilter's Law!!
    Take care!

  2. I tried to comment earlier from my phone, but to wait til I got home! Havent you got a lovely sis in law!!! I did manage to get some freezer paper here some years ago (3 or 4) and the price sticker has £3.95. But I picked it up at a quilt how, so therecwas no p&p needed. The mail order price isn't funny is it? I did read a suggestion that the paper wrapped around a ream of copier paper does the same thing, but I haven't tried it

  3. OMG, what a markup. Enjoy all your goodies.

  4. Hazel, Some lovely things to play with and a wonderful new pattern. I can relate to the increased price of freezer paper - it is more expensive here too though not quite the price of yours in the stores in Britain.
    I have been through Basingstoke many years ago. When I graduated from University a friend and I went to England on a trip. We stayed in Whitchurch as her family had a house that we could stay in without cost. It had been her grandmother's house and was a 14th century home. We had a grand time on that trip and went on many adventures in England Scotland and Wales. If we would have had more money we would have gone to Ireland too.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely new treasures.
    Warmest regards,

  5. What sweet gifts from your visitors! I hope you enjoyed your time with family, and have fun with your new treasures :)