Monday, 25 July 2011

Friends on Monday

Nel's new fabrics
This week is a fun with friends time for me. After meeting up with quilty friends yesterday in Settle (more about that another day), today I met two new friends for coffee and a natter: Penny of 'My Quilting Diary' and Sandra of  'The Dyer's Hand'. Thay are both contemporary quilters and had been hatching a plan to start a new contemporary quilters group. The first meeting of the new group which is open to anyone who wants to come along, will be on the 24th September at Clifford Village Hall - just a few minutes away from my house! Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

This afternoon Nel called round to show me her new fabric range being launched later in the year. I couldn't resisit giving you a sneak peak! I'll be scanning the fabrics so I can play with quilt designs in EQ7 with a view to making up a quilt for Nel to take to the International Quilt Market in Houston in October. I love the gorgeous purples and lime in these fabrics and can't wait to get started!

Tomorrow Janet  of 'A Quilter's Journal' will be visiting me here at home, then coming to Tuesday Quilters with me, to give a talk on liberated patchwork. On Wednesday I'm having lunch with ex colleagues from work. Phew - after all that chatter I think I'll need to give my voice a rest on Thursday and Friday and just talk quietly to my sewing machine!


  1. Hi Hazel - was a good meeting and an exciting enterprise. Have rediscovered your blog (I thought I'd signed up but obviously I hadn't) and am enjoying catching up... (Also to Janet's who is the same Janet I re-met at FOQ last year - long conversationa bout cats - I am a cat-lover too - was the clincher!) See you soon!

  2. Fabrics look fabulous. It seems you have been very busy.

  3. WOW!! Those purples and limes are so beautiful together. I feel a quilt coming on!!!
    Must get some finished first though! Or do I have to? lol
    Gorgeous fabrics. all of them.

  4. That fabrics are just beautiful!!

  5. Hi Hazel
    Really enjoyed my visit to your quilt group! Have been having trouble posting on blogger - after extensive research I hope I have fixed my problem. Hope this message comes through ok?

  6. Heard about your blog on Stash Manicure - I certainly enjoyed my visit ;)

  7. That fabric is gorgeous! I've also had a look at your quilt pictures and am really inspired! I'm a new quilter and blogger at
    I found you from the Sew WE Quilt post and so glad I did :)