Monday, 31 January 2011

A Little Quilt Swap

Before Christmas I signed up for 'Another Little Quilt Swap 5' or ALQS5 for short, organised by Kate North. Today is the dealine for submitting photos of the finished quilt which is A4 in size. In this swap participants send Kate a list of their favourite quilts posted on her blog and she sorts who receives which. It's a very clever way of making sure everyone gets a quilt to suit their taste!

I had another play with wax crayons and used the doodle I drew last weekend. This time I used a smooth cotton sheeting which took the colour really well. I wish I'd taken pictures as I did this because I decided half way through that I didn't like some of the colours so added a second colour of crayon on top of some areas. This created subtle shading and 'marbled' colours which I think are really effective. I spent a happy couple of hours outlining with thread and free motion quilting. I then added a few beads.

I could have added loads more beads but ran out of time! The backing and binding is one of my hand-dyed fabrics and because I used a contrasting colour in the bobbin it shows the quilting up too:
I like this just about as much as the front! It got me thinking about the wholecloth quilt I'm designing for my college course - why not make it a reversible quilt? I could have a coloured (maybe applique) design on one side and a plain back to showcase the quilting like a traditional wholecloth quilt. Hmmm I'll have to ponder on that! 

Now go and visit the ALQS blog to see some of the wonderful quilts in this swap - it's so hard to choose my favourites!


  1. That is stunning! It will be on my list for sure!

  2. What a truly amazing little quilt! Gorgeous!!

  3. Beautiful! I love what you have done. How do you get the vibrant colors with the crayons? I've tried some of them, but my colors always look faded. I love your quilt.

  4. I couldn't show the back of my fmq , the front generally looks just about ok, but the tension on the back s rubbish... Yours looks fab