Thursday, 24 June 2010

Baltic Inspiration

Do you see potential quilt designs everywhere? I certainly did on our cruise! I took lots of photos which non-quilters might find a little strange but to me shouted 'Quilt'! So in Copenhagen when everyone else was listening to the guide explaining about the Danish Royal family outside the palace I was taking photos of the ground! The mosaics above were just gorgeous. Actually I was in danger of being shouted at. The guards outside the palace keep an eye on tourists and bang their rifles on the ground and shout if anyone strays too close to the palace walls - there aren't any railings like at Buckingham Palace. We did see one couple being told off this way when they went to take a close loook at a sentry box. The guide assured us they don't really shoot people.......very often!
Copenhagen is really a wonderful city with many beautiful buildings and open spaces, We went on an hour long canal cruise and spent a lot of time walking around the city. Here's another pattern in a water feature which caught my eye outside a museum:

We spent some time inside the National Museum which houses thousands of historical artefacts and helpfully has labels in English as well as Danish. I loved this illuminated wall display as the colours are stunning:

Towards the end of the afternoon we found the botanical gardens and sat for a while to rest our feet. On the lake were some pretty floating bowls which wobbled in the breeze.

 From our seat we took photos of leaves in silhouette and later we found some ferns:

So plenty of ideas just from this one port of call. Back on the ship there is more inspiration. Again I spent time photographing the floor! Look at thes carpet patterns I spotted:

It's a clamshell quilt!

There are bigger designs in the lobbies - these are stunning!

Unfortunately I didn't get a decent picture of the last one - people kept standing on it!

So if, when you're out and about, you see a crazy woman taking photos of the ground or a carpet ... it might be me!!


  1. Tile designs are fascinating in many different parts of the world. A friend went to Turkey and she had some fabulous pictures of the architecture - both tiles and ceilings.
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures of the mosaics.

  2. I can't wait to see how you translate some of these into quilts.

  3. Great holiday snaps, shame you didn't get any people in them ha ha! You're right, inspiration everywhere.