Monday, 1 February 2010



Last week Barnyarns came from Ripon to visit my quilt group and Jonathan MacPherson gave a very interesting and amusing talk about machine threads. It was the first time he'd given a talk to a group so he did extremely well! As a bonus he gave us all a printed guide to accompany his talk and a discount voucher for our next order.

Of course he brought a selection of threads and his recommended titanium coated topstitch needles so I just had to buy some - it would be so rude not to!! I chose some KingTut by Superior Threads. I have bought a few reels of this before and absolutely love it because the colour changes are wonderful and it runs sooo smoothly through the machine.

Barnyarns have a monthly educational newsletter and lo and behold a few days later it dropped into my inbox and guess what? Jonathan had written about his visit to our group. Not only that but the newsletter included another discount voucher for 10% off KingTut. Well...... I'm sure you can guess what's coming next.....................I had to order some more KingTut to take advantage! I can't wait for the postman to call.

You can visit Barnyarns website here and if you sign up for the newsletter you get a free pack of needles.


  1. Thanks for the link, I only recently realised how very important thread is - I happily spend lots on fabric and I'd been economising, falsely, on thread. Off to the Barnyards site now, Lis