Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wednesday Web- Picnic

Picnic is a free online photo editor. You can use it to adjust your photos for your blog or for printing e.g you can improve the colour, crop the photo or change the size.  It also has some fun special effects which I think are great to play around with to give you ideas for quilts.

The photo above is one which my sister in law took and is it very beautiful so doesn't need any basic adjustments, but here are a few effects I used:

 Pencil Sketch

I uploaded the photo and clicked on the 'create' tab and scrolled down to the 'Pencil Sketch' option. This is a great way to show up the outlines of the petals which I could trace to make an applique pattern. I also think it gives ideas for possible quilting designs. A useful feature is the 'Undo' button as you can go back to your original photo and try another effect.


Hex Cell

These two effects could be used as patterns to piece a quilt - if you are very patient!
If you like strip piecing try the 'Waterfall' effect to play with stripes using the colours in the photo:


Now I forgot to click 'Undo' after the waterfall and went on to try 'Smudge' - look what I got!!

I love this!

And finally for something completely different try  'Hypnotic'


Wow that was fun!  There are more things to try out too - slideshows and collages and tons more special effects. You could pay to have more options but I think there is loads to keep me busy on the free version.


  1. A beautiful pic to start with, but hypnotic looks fantastic. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thanks for posting this Hazel, and the stuff from last week, it looks really great and very helpful to those of us lacking in computer skills! I hope to try this out before Saturday as we need some images for college don't we?
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  3. What we don't learn from each other!

  4. Hi Hazel, thanks for the link - I will be trying this one out and see what i can come up with!

  5. I've never played around with anything but flickr. I'm definitely going to have to expand my horizons!

  6. Thanks that was very interesting !!