Monday, 12 October 2009

New TV Show in the UK:Talking Threads

Hurrah! A new stitching and fabric crafts TV series is starting here in the UK. It sounds really inspiring with demonstrations  by UK  artists. It's also available to view online. Here are the details that were sent to me:

Talking Threads Episode 1 - Jill Kennedy - Wednesday 14th October on Sky 171.
Tune in to watch Talking Threads on:
Sky 171 (My Channel)
Wednesday 14th Oct 19:00 GMT
RepeatedThursday 15th Oct 05:30 and 12:00

Sunday 18th Oct 12:00
Talking Threads is within the Country Channel slot on Sky 171.
Also available to view online, anytime at Country from 14th October.

Nearly all the featured artists in this series are embroiderers but still it's a start - there is nothing else like it in British TV as far as I know. Let's hope it is successful and then perhaps we can see more UK quilters on our TVs. Here are the artists featured in this series:
Let's support this venture and encourage the producers to do more in the future!


  1. Thanks for the very interesting information - I must try and remember to watch this on Wednesday. The only craft on TV in the UK is that relating to card making & scrapbooking, so it's about time us stitchers were catered for!!:0)

  2. Thanks QuiltHaze. Now all I've got to do is remember to watch it.

  3. Haven't you seen "Quilt in a Day", regularly on Rural TV (Sky 279) ???? See details at

  4. Sounds like a good program!

  5. Hi Anonymous! Yes I did know about Quilt in a day on rural TV and Eleanor Burns is great fun. I'm really thrilled that the new programme is made in the UK and features UK stitchers!

  6. Although patchwork will always be our favourite I think it is quite timely that it will feature embroiderers - might help us with our machine embroidery module!
    Looking forward to Saturday - did you get all the stuff finished for your diploma?