Sunday, 25 October 2009

Giveaway - Triple Treat!


 You could win one of these!

Well It's just over 3 months since I started blogging regularly and it's time to celebrate with a little giveaway draw for my quilting friends near and far! I'm offering of one of these 3 little gift bags which will be filled with a trio of quilting goodies for three lucky winners. I'm not telling you exactly what the contents will be - that would spoil the surprise!
 I'm 'borrowing' Kim's method from Bitty Bits and Pieces for recording entries.

You can earn an entry in the draw by leaving a comment on this post but you can increase your chances of winning by collecting points and sending me an email. Here's how you earn points:

3 points for adding  a post on your blog with a link to this giveaway

3 points for having Cotton Cocktails on your blog list on your sidebar

3 points for being or becoming a follower

plus one bonus point for commenting on this post.

Now tot up your points ( I'll be checking!) then copy and paste the following into an email and complete the details. Send it to me: quilthaze (at) googlemail (dot) com

   Email Address
   Blog Address (if you have one)
   Points earned for blogpost, blog list, follower, comment (delete as appropriate)
   Total points

I'll be drawing the lucky winners in one week's time on Sunday 1st November. Good luck everyone!


  1. Delightful giveaway.

    I'm following with delight!


  2. What a lovely giveaway and well done on all that blogging! Off to add the news to my blog...even though that will cut my chances of winning because more people will enter LOL

  3. lovey bags - far too many things for me to have to do and so little time!!!!!

  4. Hi, i've just discovered your blog via online quilting. I just love it!

  5. What a very fun giveaway! I have signed up as a follower. Thanks for entering me.

  6. HI Quilthaze,
    I do have you on my bloglist and I am leaving a comment on your blog. I will try and link it if I make a new post. I will send you the info in the way that you have requested by email.
    I hope you are having lots of fun having a blog- I have blogged just over a year and have enjoyed meeting lots of new quilt friends through blogging. There are many fun techniques to see and interesting patterns to learn about. The bloggers I have met have been kind and thoughtful people, who love sharing their knowledge and supporting other quilters. I didn't think I would love it as much as I do- but I really have found it a wonderful experience.
    I hope you have lots of visitors to your giveaway- Your bags are really lovely.
    Warmest regards from Western Canada,

  7. What a great giveaway, I love the process! Very creative. I will send you an email with all the info right away. Thanks.

  8. Great giveaway! Thanks for entering me!

  9. Hi Hazel - fab idea, I think I have fulfilled all your criteria now [with help from my wonderful daughter Abigail]

  10. I've done everything, now I've just got to keep my fingers crossed that I win!

  11. I am a follower and I'd like to win. hugs

  12. Hi Hazel!!
    I will blog about you tomorrow with a link back to your blog. Plus I became a follower...not because of your give-away but because I really like what I have seen so far!!
    Thanks so much for throwing my name into the hat...I thinks I did everything that you wanted so....whatever times that is? Love the handbags...just gorgeous!

  13. Great giveaway! I also blogged it I will send you an email.
    Love your blog.

  14. Great Giveaway!! Love your blog. I have become a follower, blogged on my blog and added you to my sidebar...
    coming right back to read some more..

  15. Hi ... cute bags and glad you joined the blogging world! Great Giveaway...

  16. Are those the friendship bags that were being swapped a little while back? I almost joined, but had too many commitments with the grandkids and traveling to see them, that kept me from participating. I would love to win a filled one!

  17. Great Bags. I think you must be enjoying blogging. I am.

  18. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I want the red one!! They are so cute!! Thanks for the great giveaway. Just found your blog! Okay, I'm a follower, will post on my blog, and not sure how to do the sidebar thing..

    PICK ME!! lol!

  19. hi Hazel
    The bags are lovely, will you have chance to bring them into class before you post them?

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