Monday, 28 September 2009

New Blog!

I copied my friend Janet's idea and made a new blog to chart my progress on my college course. It has the functional but rather uninspired title of 'City and Guilds 7113'! Above is a photo of some work I did at the weekend on using automatic machine embroidery stitches on card coloured with wax crayon. I can see some of my friends throwing their hands up in horror at the thought of stitching wierd stuff! Don't worry - I'm not abandoning real cuddly fabric quilts  and I will continue to add news of my non-college quilty projects here on this blog.

P.S. Welcome to my new followers Janet, Anthea and Tracey. Thanks for joining - I'll be following your fab blogs too!


  1. OK< I threw my hands in the air, but had to bring them down again just to ask "but why"?

  2. Good question! Seems some embroiderers and even quilters like to stitch with strange things. Next month we're melting plastics to sew with!!!

  3. Hi there, congratulations on your new blog and on undertaking the C&G course - I will be following avidly being too cowardly to move that far out of my comfort zone myself!